Our Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees

Since its foundation in 2012, the Mannheim Forum has steadily developed and established itself as a permanent concept at the University of Mannheim. Due to the rapid growth of the association, a broad network of experts from science, business and culture has been built up.  This network is represented, among others, by our association's board of trustees. The Board of Trustees supports the Mannheim Forum e.V. in its goal of offering students a discussion platform and a forum for exchange at the University of Mannheim and to promote networking between students and experts.

As an advisory body, our board of trustees assists the Mannheim Forum to accompany and promote its development and to help shape the congress each year. The panel is led by the advisory board of the Mannheim Forum e.V. and consists of experts from science, business and the media.

Members of the Board of Trustees

Prof. Dr. Christoph Spengel

Holder of the chair of general business administration and business taxation II, University of Mannheim

Prof. Dr. Laura Marie Edinger-Schons

Professor for Sustainable Management, Chief Sustainability Officer of the University of Hamburg

Alexander Schwörer

Member of the Advisory Board PERI Group

Weihua Wang

Moderator and founder of myBuddy, board member ABSOLVENTUM MANNHEIM

Prof. Dr. Michael Diehl

Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Mannheim

Christian Haas


Christian Sommer

Managing Director Next Mannheim

Karmen Strahonja

Managing Director Stadtmarketing Mannheim GmbH

Alexander Sölch

Associate with Oliver Wyman

Opinions of the trustees

Prof. Dr. Michael Diehl

Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Mannheim

„I gladly and with great conviction accepted the offer to serve on the board of trustees of the Mannheim Forum. Since the beginning of my term of office as Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, I have always been happy to make myself available to the members of the board of the Mannheim Forum and the responsible department heads, especially for the conception of the content and the acquisition of speakers, for discussions on the preparation of the next congress. Each time I was impressed by how the Mannheim Forum managed to present current issues in such a way that their implications for the economy and society became clear.  The concept of the congress to bring together actors from business, politics, culture and the media with the student visitors to the congress in various formats on an overarching theme always proved to be enriching for both sides.

Organising a congress of this magnitude and with the strong public impact that has been achieved in the meantime is a challenging task that involves an immense amount of work.  The fact that all this is done by students on a voluntary basis deserves the highest respect and support. The Mannheim Forum contributes greatly to the good reputation of the University of Mannheim by demonstrating that not only is outstanding research and teaching carried out here, but that there are also particularly motivated and committed students who are aware of their social responsibility as future leaders.“ (translated from German)

Karmen Strahonja

Managing Director, Stadtmarketing Mannheim GmbH

„As city marketing, we have been presenting ourselves together with our partners from the city at the Mannheim Forum for several years now. The congress is very professionally organised, is constantly growing and always puts together a sophisticated programme with top-class speakers and guests. Therefore, in my opinion, the Mannheim Forum deserves great support from various sectors of the city and the economy. I am delighted to be joining the Board of Trustees with immediate effect and to accompany the Mannheim Forum in its development. Together we can show that Mannheim is an innovative location that is shaped above all by the people who live, work and study here.“ (translated from German)